Something we know about selling Real Estate, without foot traffic, there is no offer. So, the question remains… what generates foot traffic? In 2018 we are in the age of digital engagement.

If you are not ENGAGING the public where they are, your marketing strategy is failing the SELLER, YOU and your BRAND..


Article: Forbes July 21, 2017

“The revolution of cellular technology, with Wi-Fi being available almost everywhere, means that people are no longer tied to the office. People can send or receive listings while sitting at their kid’s Little League game or camping at the lake.”

The article goes further to say….

“Great photography is one of the cornerstones of a successful listing, and it helps buyers to make the right decision, too. From remarkably high resolutions on digital cameras to drone technology, the constant advancement in imaging capabilities that has occurred over the past couple decades is bound to continue.”

Sellers are demanding more value for their money! Are you ready and able to deliver?

The days of throwing a flash on a camera, or using a cell phone to run through the house in 20 minutes taking a handful of pictures looking down like an “out of body experience”, are gone!


Is the digital media you are using engaging the most users to put traffic in your listing? How do you know?

Is your digital media TOP TIER QUALITY or BARGAIN PRICED? You can’t have both!

Does your digital media stand head and shoulders above the other representatives who are presenting in competition with you?


IF YOU’RE NOT MEMORABLE, you are forgotten!